JLS Saving Model


We Fund, Design, install and maintain a complete lighting upgrade for our customers.

We meter the new lighting, track the energy savings and bill for a portion of those savings.

We have a vested interest in how our lighting upgrades perform longterm because we get paid a portion of ever dollar saved. The more our customers save, the better we do.


TELL US about your business and lighting needs, and schedule your free lighting audit today.

  • We evaluate your current lighting and follow-up with a proposal, which includes updated designs and your expected savings.

ZERO COST lighting upgrade for your entire facility.

  • When the first lamp is installed, you start to save. Our service contract begins and you are billed for a portion of those savings.

ONGOING MAINTENANCE with continuing assistance.

  • We provide all replacement lamps, drivers and additional lighting hardware - if something goes wrong that is more complex than just replacing a lamp, we provide the electrician.